325 'talented employees' working on CoD games

Activision CEO, president and director, Bobby Kotick, has revealed the publisher currently has over 300 staff creating Call of Duty games.

"Making Call of Duty games today is managed by more than 325 incredibly talented employees spanning three studios: Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer," said Kotick during the publisher's Q1 earnings call.

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dizzleK2968d ago

how big are their offices? milking machines take up alot of space.

hay2968d ago

I think they do it manually to ensure every single drop is milked.

MajestieBeast2968d ago

Im just waiting for world of call of duty.

dangert122968d ago

i bet you'll find more people who refuse to by the game and activision lol permenatley rising the price on there cod games lol see how long people will allow you to rape them. to many blockbuster games coming out that half of the year GT5 Halo Reach,Medal of Honour why does cod cost so much lol is it a a game with 2 boxes to disc for story mode and another box for online? doubt it

-MD-2968d ago

I hope they milk it to death. I'd love to see them pump out 2 a year just so I can see it crash and burn quicker.

slave2Dcontroller2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Hell they only needed 2! XD