OtherOS PS3: Here's how to get a refund! It 's a start.

We have already given plenty of space in recent days to several attempts by users to request that Sony will once again feature OtherOS, including through lawsuits . Today we can give you good news, some sellers are beginning to offer their customers who request a full refund of the purchase price of the console. Full refund, providing for the return of the console is offered by a good purchase that will then, if you want to buy a new console such as a slim, with actual savings of several tens of million (the PS3 Slim is in fact sold for 299 euros instead of 399 as the previous model with OtherOS feature.)

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Teehee2877d ago

Gamers are the most pathetic group of consumers out there.

"No more feature we never used? SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE REFUND REFUND REFUND REFUND!"


hay2877d ago

True. Guide for leeches to get a refund for a feature they never used.

Shendow2877d ago

Kind of pointless, I sold my fat PS3 an I'm getting the new Slim, the OS I use once an it was good but a pain to get to work with other things.

RedDevils2877d ago

I think it really pathetic suing on something that you never gonna use

Majors2877d ago

Wanna arse around with Linux buy a £30 pc.. problem solved.
Get over it, get a life and get back into real gaming..
Want to sue ? Geohot is the pleb you need to get at. Im suprised Sony hasnt offered £1mill for the delivery of his head on a stick.