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GameState's Yakuza 3 video review.

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akiraburn2873d ago

Wow, this was a horrid, awful review. And to add, the reviewer couldn't even pronounce the Japanese names and locations correctly. I don't usually speak out on these things, but something has to be said about this. The reviewer obviously didn't "get it", and from what I can tell, he simply refuses to relate to any Japanese culture, thus he insisted on giving the game a low score. His use of comparisons to other games are far-fetched and unintelligent, and his lack of comprehension on the game's story, shows that he should not have been reviewing this game.

The fact is, that this is a game that won't appeal as much to the usual mass market of gamers that love games like Call of Duty, but it shouldn’t be rated down because of that. Niche games are awesome, and just like Demons Souls, they will help to innovate in ways that may end up influencing other game developers in wonderful ways. Yakuza 3 is superb, and anyone who enjoys Japanese culture, brawler/beatem ups, action/RPGs, and/or games with a very strong story aspect will enjoy this.

It's true that it would have been a much more impressive game had it launched a year ago. Graphically, it's not mind-blowing, but it's still impressive in it's own way. Certain elements you'll see, and attention to details will grab and surprise you. It's a massive and amazing game that old fans of the franchise will love, and at the same time it's grabbing new people and getting them engulfed and intrigued in the Yakuza universe.

It's not a perfect game, but no game really is. What it IS, is a great game with a pretty solid fighting/weapons system (though it's even further refined in Yakuza 4), potentially 60+ hours of open-world gameplay, TONS of minigames that were all crafted very well, and a wonderful story from all aspects.