Bungie Podcast Returns

After nearly a year (who really is to blame?), the Bungie Podcast has left the nest and spread its wings. Instead of a bird, it's a fierce dragon and the below download is your seat on the fire-breathing winged beast's back. This week in the studio are podcast veterans Brian Jarrard and Frank O'Connor, with special guest star Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken rounding out the four-part harmony. Bungie Members talk about some of the studio's preparations for E3, Bungie's Technical Lead Chris Butcher stops in for a few minutes and finally, a very special guest phones in to the Bungie Teen Support Line. All of this and more on the Bungie Podcast.

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Schmitty073964d ago

The Bungie guys are so funny.

SlyDark Star3964d ago

Frankie: Why do they wanna kill Halo? We just wanna be their friends lol

Daxx3964d ago

That's one of my favorite quotes, lol.

Evoluti0n3964d ago

work in campaign and CO-OP..." Frankie slipped, that's pretty funny.

Lygre3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

a few gaming sites out there have said that we will be able to save the replay of what we play in the singleplayer campaign. IGN one of them.

I guess they've had some interviews with Bungie at E3, or maybe they found out when they were demonstrated something from the first level of Halo 3 behind closed doors.

Anyways. Saved Films for both online multiplayer AND singleplayer campaign is good news.


Oh, and the podcast was funny as always =) gotta love Bungie.