ModNation Racers: It’s a DLC “Air Raid”!

US PlayStation Blog: "In anticipation for our ModNation Racers release on May 25th, and to celebrate ModNation May, we are going to drop some free ModNation DLC before we even launch the game! So what DLC are we hooking you up with? I’d like to introduce you to Air Raid!"

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D4RkNIKON2995d ago

How could free DLC be announced before the game is released? Must have been too late to add to the disk, too close to release date I guess. Oh well First Day Buy!

Slimshadyn2994d ago

You cant buy it, at least not yet, its a giveaway, gamespot is giving some away soon. Only so many people can get it, its kinda like an early thanks for getting this sweet game