PSPgo is Finally Affordable at Dell

The PSPgo’s initial price of $249.99 was a huge mistake by Sony’s part. Luckily time dictates everything, and right now, Dell has listed the PSPgo White for only $169.99.

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ShinFuYux2848d ago

The PSP go should of, should be 130-150 dollars. 170 dollars is a nice change, from the usualy 250, but...still~

D4RkNIKON2848d ago

I am banking on Sony unveiling PSP2 at E3. I have been waiting for PSP2 for a long time, the lack of dual analog has bothered me the entire life cycle of the PSP.

FragGen2848d ago

Yup. I think even if the base hardware is simply evolutionary, if they add a second stick and some kind of mapping for backward compatibility a PSP2 could be a world beater of a handheld. Something like a touchscreen and/or 3G would be icing on the cake.