Zipper Profile: Jennifer Cearley

Our Developer Profile series introduces you to the many faces of Zipper Interactive. From designers to artists to programmers to audio engineers to producers, you’ll meet the creative minds that make Zipper what it is (and maybe learn a few surprises along the way).
The spotlight this week shines on Jennifer Cearley, software engineer on MAG and forum-goer extraordinaire (you may recognize her from the forums as MizzSmartyPants). She always makes time for the fans when she can, and she seems to have a lifelong goal to never be boring. Also, don't forget that Jennifer is going to appear on this week's episode of Zipline, the official Zipper Interactive podcast.

Job Title: Software Engineer
Years at Zipper: 3 years, 7 months, 28 days
Years in the Industry: In the games industry, about 4 years, in the software development industry, a bit more...
Favorite Zipper Game: MAG
Favorite Non-Zipper Game: Spin the bottle

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LinuxGuru2719d ago

....ok, what about a link to her facebook page.

Totally kidding.