PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Move Party

PlayStation Move Developer video diary featuring Tom O'Connor, Producer of Move Party and his development team.

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Bigpappy2994d ago

It will fail. The hair cutting, coloring the shapes and get the bird in the nest games, will not appeal to anyone over 3. They need a PS-sports game, with cute boxing, tennis, baseball, and basketball. Keep it simple so anyone could enjoy, but execute well on gameplay. What they have here is first party shovelware at best.

Off topic. That guy on the rights scares the "bajesu" out of me. I think the other 2 guys are scared of him too.

Kurisu2993d ago

Have you not seen Sports Championships yet? That is basically the PS-Sports you speak of. Its not cute, thugh, as it's much more realistic that the Wii's Mii's.

Oh and,

I want Move Party :3

Hideo_Kojima2993d ago

Move party is strongly aimed at families with kids under 11 just like that main Eyetoy game was. I don't remember it but I used to play it.

Don't worry I am sure Sony will make some great casual games all their plans should be relieved by the end of E3.

Personally I doubt I will buy any casual games... maybe Sport Champion.

I really would like Motion Fighter though :P

sikbeta2993d ago

There are a lot of Games Sony is Showing, The sword & Shield fighting Game + Ping-Pong + Archery + Motion Fighters + "The Shoot" or something and Motion Party is part of Those Games, so it's Clear that Sony is Doing Great by trying to Cater every kind of Gamer, this is a Family-fun Game, mom, pop and the kids...


I'm waiting a survival horror exclusive for Move. I hope they can show a trailer or gameplay at E3.

harrisk9542993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

You are missing the point and might not have watched the whole video. This is another one of the Developer Diaries (part 5, in fact) and it discusses the "augmented reality" ability of Move. It is more evidence of the capabilities of Move and it is being SHOWN. This is a far cry from MS, which is not showing anything about Natal. And, by the way, I am personally looking forward to Move and the casual games. I have a 6 year old and he will love this. Plus, the more core games for me (i.e., Socom)!

sikbeta2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Exactly, they're showing how the augmented reality works and talking about an Specific Game, this game have a variety of stuff to do, like cutting hair, the point is to show with this game how you can change/move/and more "emulated objects" with PS-Move that you see on screen, If they're going to talk about augmented reality, they're not going to show Motion-Fighters cuz what you do on that game is Throw punches...

Christopher2993d ago

So far, this is the one PS Move game that I just have absolutely no interest in. And, after trying to get my nephews to play some PS3 Eye games, my nephews won't give a dang about these either.

I'm proud to say that my 5-9 year-old nephews are already hardcore gamers *wipes tear from his eye*

Dorfdad2993d ago

Game looks rubbish, and someone needs to tell this dude the 60's have come and gone :)

Im all for a wii-sports ripoff on the PS3 How about Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, Horse shoes or midget tossing!?? Mix it up make a PAIN game for it. You control the aiming and firing of the man like a crossbow man do I have to do everything for these developers with no creativity!

sikbeta2993d ago

This is Move-Party, it's not like the only Game Sony is showing, so don't worry, there will be Games for Every kind of Gamer...

Chubear2993d ago's a party game not a sporting game. If you want to see a Move Sports game then you can have a look at a few vids of Sports Championship.

I'd say, for it's first outing, the PSmove is delivering more than what the Wii was promised to do and it's only the beginning.

WHat's been shown of the Move so far in so many genres has been highly impressive but the games we will see for the Move a year, 2yrs, 3yrs from now will be jaw droppingly outstanding.

f7897902993d ago

They finally changed that stupid pink ball to blue which makes a lot more sense and looks a lot better.