Sakaguchi: “Xbox 360 Will be Big in E3 2010″

In the recent interview from Famitsu with Sakaguchi in regards to the upcoming E3 Event in North America, the father of Final Fantasy has said that the Xbox 360 will be big at this year’s E3.

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Nicholas Cage2752d ago ShowReplies(2)
MattyF2752d ago

Better bring something bigger than just Natal.

Hallmark Moment2752d ago

Downplaying Natal isn't going to help your GOD win lol.

GiantEnemyCrab2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Pft.. this guy..

I'm sure MS will come out for 2 minutes hit a red ball around and call it good.. /s

Of course MS will come with more than just Natal just like Sony will come with more than just Move. It's a given considering this very article we are in says so. So not sure if you are are being ignorant on purpose or that was a weak arse troll..

ClownBelt2752d ago

Such grudge is not healthy. Anyways, you're always welcome in the Playstation family Sakaguchi san.

MightyMark4272752d ago

I agree, I think Sakaguchi hates the PlayStation platform after leaving Square

002752d ago

or some other new IP he plans to show soon.

Hallmark Moment2752d ago

LO2, Blue Dragon 2 or New IP or all.

MightyMark4272752d ago

I'm hoping it would be a Lost Odyssey sequel rather than a Blue Dragon =/

TheKingslayer2752d ago

Show us a new LOd, and hurry up with it at E3.

Be a gamer...Not a hater

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