Are the Xbox 360 65nm chips here?

A well respected Xbox 360 community developer member had this to say "I just got off the phone with Microsoft support and the guy said my console will come back with new revised parts, as in new transistors. This must mean the 65nm. I'm happy I called when I did, because I get new parts"

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Schmitty073999d ago

Just be the added heatsink?

gta_cb3999d ago

yeh im thinking that its the Heatsink aswell, if the 65chips are now going put in, wouldnt they announce it? or advertise it?

Mycococo3999d ago

probably another heatsink... BUT I MUCT POINT OUT.... transistors ARENT CHIPS! duh.

kingjkv3999d ago

Yeah, that's great MS, but what about the 11 million consoles that u sold to the rest of us, are they destined to fail??

uxo223999d ago

It's an improvement, if they weren't changing the parts you'd be b!tching now they have started changing parts and you're still b!tching. Maybe you're not B!tching, but you're definitely hating!

n4gbrane3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

why is some random person's forum post allowed to get on here?

a 'well respected xbox 360 community developer' that's a bit much...

we're all well respected something or other's on the interweb.

EDIT: I recognize it's in the 'rumor' section, but I still think it's a bit loose...

TheMART3999d ago

Those guys at the phone talk sh!t a lot, just to make you happy and have a short call.

Really. I mean I think the service of MS is good, but phonedudes/girls are mostly students OR if it's fulltime work they have no brains at all. Close to braindead. Imagine. If you would think of a job you like, would that be sitting in a chickencage with hunderds of other chickens, a lot of noise with a headset on?

Don't think so. You think those people have enough inside information what the repair centre is building in or not? Don't think so. The 65nm chip is coming, but this sounds to me as major bull

dantesparda3999d ago

I agree that they dont know much about what the actual repair centers are doing. But they did tell me that they are going to be holding on to everyones 360's that died from the 3 RROD for 4-6 weeks! I sent mine in on June 22nd, and they recieved it on June 28th. And they were supposed to only hold on to it for no longer than 7 or 8 working days. But now they are 4 to 6 weeks! they told me this yesterday, so i am screwed waiting much longer now.

tplarkin73999d ago

Microsoft is slowly phasing the new chips and components. But the CPU isn't incorporated, yet.

Frulond3999d ago

mmm... Ok, next time I take my car to the shop, when they say it "will come back with new revised parts" I'll just assume I'm getting a new turbo :D

suddenly I feel like sending all my stuff to revision, could probably send my PC and get a new microprocessor woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.