E3: PGR 4's Lack Of 60 FPS A 'Conscious Decision'

Following the release of Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 2, Bizarre Creations' forthcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 represents the next high profile racing title for the Xbox 360, but this did not keep the game from being taken to task during E3 by the gaming media, some of who questioned the studio's decision to opt for 30 frames per second gameplay rather than 60.

"We looked at that," commented Adam Kovach, PGR 4's global product manager during an E3 demonstration. "We debated for a long time... we looked at what we would be giving up if we tried to go to 60 versus 30 frames a second. We don't want to lose the visual fidelity... we made a conscious decision that 30 frames plus all the effects in the game was far more important than having a pure 60."

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PS360PCROCKS3995d ago

No biggie as long as it looks smooth...I never notice this stuff anyways I don't know how people do cause I don't even know what to look for, lol. I'd rather it look nicer and differ from Forza

Crazyglues3995d ago

What did PGR3 run at was it 60 or 30 fps?

If it was 30 then we don't have a problem because I loved PGR3, but if it ran at 60 fps then I'm really scared about how good this game will be now.

Because believe it or not but there is a huge difference between 30 and 60 fps.

tplarkin73995d ago

60 FPS can make a huge difference, but for a racer, I don't think it's critical. You are usually moving forward in a racer, so it's hard to notice a slower frame-rate. But in an FPS, a high frame-rate is more important since you are looking side-to-side more often.

If you get amazing effects at 30 FPS, it's a good trade-off.

PS360PCROCKS3995d ago it is...

IGN Ratings for Project Gotham Racing 3 (X360)
9.0 Graphics
These are just gorgeous-looking cars. There are more lively courses, and the framerate is always over 30.

marinelife93995d ago

Only problem is with repetitive games like racers (circling a track) you don't notice the graphics after the first few moments. The framerate might actually be more important.

HowarthsNJ3995d ago

Add in motion blur and it looks great.

Games that have low framerates and no MB look bad.

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TruthHurts3995d ago

if it looks good (which it does)
don`t complain.

this whole 60fps thing is getting out of control.

Shadow Flare3995d ago

there's alot of things in this game that'll easily make up for lack of 60FPS. This game would have been especially nice with 60FPS though, what with the weather effects

Delive3995d ago

but not necessary. Animations look alot smoother at higher fps. Some games though (Half life) give me motion sickness at 60 fps where Halo never did. Maybe it was too smooth.

Hayabusa 1173995d ago

Good on any game that has 60fps. But there's not really that much a big difference. Just look Forza 2. 60 fps, but with what benefit? The PGR 3 was 30 fps.

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