New Red Dead Redemption Details

MyRockstar HQ - "3D Juegos major Spanish game website had a chance to play Red Dead Redemption and posted a analysis that contains a lot of new details."

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Ghost_Sparta2999d ago

Day one for me! I'm just so excited about this game!

RedDevils2999d ago

I be picking up this game soon when it hit :)

RememberThe3572999d ago

I have a feeling I wont be disappointed by this one.

farrelljade2999d ago

i can see myself putting ALOT of hours into this game!! i really hope it lives up too expectations!!!

RumbleFish2999d ago

will be disappointed by the game's performance!

xXFrostXx2999d ago

Red Dead and Modnation Racers are going to reign over my summer. :)

Freak of Nature2999d ago

Coming out within a week of each other! How great is that?

I have them both pre-ordered and ready to go with prime shipping from Amazon,release day delivery.

Count me excited....

divideby02999d ago

Yep...RDR and MNR are the buy games for me

Mew2999d ago

Red Dead, Mod, and possibly Halo: Reach (Might not have enough $ for a 360 =( ).

jessupj2999d ago

Honestly this is my most anticipated game of the year, even more than GT5 (but only slightly).

If anyone wants to join the RDR clan I'm with they're welcome. The only requirements arethat you have the ps3 version of the game and are mature (note I said mature, not old). Also a mic is prefered.

We're mostly a casual but competitive clan. We're aiming to have enough members so at any time in the day they'll be at least 8 players online to create a full posse.

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The story is too old to be commented.