SCEA: Exclusive 3D Content in Future

PSLS writes: "Whether you like it or not, 3D gaming is coming. Recently, Sony’s mandatory firmware update, version 3.30, not only included new trophy features, but also prepared the PlayStation 3’s to display 3D images for games. With this update, and Sony’s announcement of an upcoming update to allow for 3D movie playback, it is quite obvious this may not be a “fad” after all. And SCEA certainly does not believe it is, as a recent interview suggests..."

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mikepmcc2851d ago

I'm more interested in head tracking than glasses-bound tech. It doesn't strain your eyes, and instead of making things pop out at you and be disorienting, it gives depth to the games as well. No extra glasses or special TV required.

Dylantalon12851d ago

i cant wait to buy a 3d HDTV.