RandomNPC: Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (PC) Review

RandomNPC writes: "In spite or perhaps because of all that’s been said so far, the decision to pick up Awakening is fairly cut-and-dry. Those who liked Origins and were chomping at the bit for a second playthrough before the credits finished rolling probably have this already. Those turned off by the samey sidequests and endless dungeons may find Awakening more forgiving, if only because the expansion keeps a closer eye on the clock. However, anybody curious about out how their decisions in Origins changed things may be somewhat let down until a proper sequel. Still, Awakening is a respectable follow-up to Origins and manages to capture a lot of what made it special in the first place. It’s not as polished as one might hope, but on the whole it hits the right notes: a compelling plot, meaningful choices, and enjoyable characters."

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