CNET TV's The best of E3 2007 Video

E3 and Highlights of the show in CNET TV's best of E3 by Veronica Belmont, associate editor of CNET TV.

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kspraydad3966d ago

to see Veronica on C:net.


MyNutsYourChin3966d ago

After watching that I would say that Nintendo brought more to E3 than the others but of course I was not actually at E3 to attend each company's conference so this opinion is very limited and filtered. However, from other articles and press statements conveying a similar conclusion, I would assume my opinion to be accurate within the majority of the critics.

JewyMcJew3966d ago

If CNET considers that the best of E3, I can't imagine what they think is the worst!

Scions Wrath3966d ago

The 'best' of E3? hmmm....

ArduousAndy3966d ago

while its still going on? Thats like doing a best of of an album after hearing two tracks you still got half the of it to go..

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