Joystiq: Lost Planet 2 Review


"There have been some significant changes to the face of the franchise since its initial appearance during the Xbox 360's earliest days. Rather than force the player on a one-man crawl across a desolate, alien-infested tundra, Lost Planet 2 has taken cues from one of Capcom's (far more successful) franchises, Monster Hunter. The game's Campaign mode was truly designed for four players, who embark on bite-sized missions across a number of gorgeous, varied environments. After Lost Planet's snowy homogeny, the sequel's changing landscapes are pretty refreshing."

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deafwing2848d ago

this game could be so good ... but it seems that all the reviewers are irked by it's uniqueness ... a lot of the things they mentioned here plagues RE5 as well in the Co-Op department which means they are probably using the same framework from that game (it's not a hassle but when you die in CoOp on Re5 it really sucks that you have to start all the way back at God Knows Where.