PlayStation Move: "In Control"

In a recent interview, EDGE MAGAZINE sat down with Shuhei Yoshida//President, SCE Worldwide Studios, to discuss the contributions him and his team made to the PlayStation Move platform and its debut at GDC.

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zoks3102905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

It looks like the Move will be easy to develop for, because according to this interview Socom 4 was nearly complete when Sony made Zipper add Move support to the game and they reportedly did so with ease, same goes for Little Big Planet. Both games were retrofitted to support Move.

This might lead to Move getting a lot of 3rd party support, not saying more support is a good thing with all the guaranteed shovel-ware and all, but some of those shovel-ware turn out to be good..... sometimes.

And here is a quote from the interview;
"EDGE - What sort of resources do you currently have dedicated to Move within SCE?
Yoshida - We have more than 20 teams working on Move."

20 teams in-house? Now that's a lot of in-house support, clearly this is not a gimmick to Sony.

Nicholas Cage2905d ago

cant wait for this! damn can anyone imagine an fps with this! a freaking fps! A F P S! get it?! breating...heavily...

eggbert2905d ago

Sony seems pretty confident about Move, that's good. Hopefully this won't fade away after a year like the eyetoy did. We'll have to see though, I'll probably pick up one just for giggles unless it turns out to be really good. If it's really good I'll probably buy another so me and a friend can goof around.

... goofing around with balls on a stick.

Anyone know if they have announced a price yet? All I know is that the PS-Eye/Move controller is going to cost under $100. I'm not gonna be very impressed if it comes out being $99.