Video Game Heroines: Ashley Williams

In Mass Effect there are dozens of different beings that Shepard can run into and interact with. Shepard can meet aliens like Krogans, or Turians as well as biotics that can manipulate energy around them to have telepathic abilities. However, most of these beings are not as sassy or interesting as Ashley Williams, whom G3 deems likable enough to be a “video game heroine” for the month of May.

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Murgatroyd72971d ago

Personally, I couldn't stand Ashley. She drove me crazy and I thought she looked really awkward...of course, most of the human characters did, so I can't really fault her for that. But regardless, I don't like her and I regret romancing her. Moreso, I regret the decision I made near the end of the game. Anyone who has played it should know what I'm talking about.

002971d ago

the grunts always die first and she held the line like a true warrior

LukeA2970d ago

This is some truley great writing. Good work.