Telegraph UK: Alan Wake Review

Remedy's psychological action thriller, Alan Wake, is set for release after one of the longest development periods in recent memory. Was it worth the wait?

Remedy has created a superb video game that uses one of the best written characters in the medium all year to tie its plot, themes and gameplay together seamlessly. Thrilling, frightening and geuninely compelling, Alan Wake is a nightmare players will not soon to forget.

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zetsuei12970d ago

I haven't seen even a single time this site giving a good score for ANY PS3 exclusives.Although when it comes to XBOX 360....

Not saying anything but sure its strange.Like that study about Edge x Metacritics that shows that even when the game its not that Good, they tend to give more points to XBOX exclusives compared to Nintendo and Sony (last one, suffers even more).

Well just a thought.