Resident Evil 5 producer stepping away from series

GameSpot: "Capcom hasn't officially announced a Resident Evil 6 yet, but it's almost certainly coming, and the producer behind last year's hit Resident Evil 5 wants nothing to do with it."

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Asuka2872d ago

Well i understand that That Takeuchi had a ton pressure on him. I mean i know Resident Evil 4 isn't really anything like the rest of the series, but it was a great game that received much praise at release.

However, i believe if Takeuchi were to bring the series back to its roots, it could easily overtake the likes of something like Resi 5. Judging from what i have read from numerous other Resi fans, everyone wants the good old horrible survival classic we all know and love. Not another Resi 4 or 5.

ia_studio2872d ago

the same guy taking the darn thing to disaster, I hope they remember how to make a horror game

godslayer4292872d ago

he sux anyway lol 5 would of been better with just chris.