Bungie To Support Halo: Reach Post-Release

GCO: "Though Bungie was recently acquired by Activision, the developer wholeheartedly promises to continue its support of Halo: Reach post-release."

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Numark2845d ago

I thought activision did NOT acquire activision, they just acquired rights to their untitled new IP for the next 10 years....

GarandShooter2845d ago

I'm thinking exactly the same thing...

Numark2845d ago

****meant Bungie the 2nd time I said activision. Silly me :)

SixZeroFour2845d ago

this is what i was wondering if they would support REACH after launch as much as they have with every other previous halo

true activision does not own bungie in any way or form, just publishing rights to the new ip...but what "I" specifically had in question was if they would be too focused on this new ip that they would forget about REACH and leave it to MS after they release it, i would have wanted bungie to support REACH post release rather than MS specifically and this is exactly what they are confirming which is great news

Numark2845d ago

Yeah, bungie always supports their games. They supported halo 3 despite making halo ODST and so forth.

Ziriux2845d ago

Well of course, that would make sense, might as well support a product you build especially if you're gettting paid.