Top Metagaming in Dragon Age: Origins

Frustrated by the outcome of the Landsmeet? Regretting who you put on the throne of Ferelden? You’re not alone. In a roleplaying game as complex as Dragon Age, not every situation has an obvious answer. And sometimes, the solutions we choose don’t have the effect we anticipate. So when do you bend the rules of the game to get a better outcome? In today’s look at metagaming, try to answer just that.

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rroded2994d ago

more like avid gaming... metaging is more like playing beyond the scope or limits of teh game like in modding or glitching imo

seriously tho if you've ever been into a game big time who hasnt done this? even b4 the web when i was on my com64 id go thru games several times trying out different variations talking strats with my friends... good times the hours i got out of the likes of maniac mansion or pools of radiance are insane. N we even used ta metagame a bit like when we figured uot how ta make a negative hp 'undead' player character in POR.