411mania: Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake follows the title character, who is an author that hasn’t found the motivation to write a new book. To try and help this, his wife, Alice, convinces him to go to Bright Falls. During the trip, Alice gets kidnapped when the lights in their cabin goes off, starting a chain of events around Alan. The entire story is told by him like a narrator as he progresses.

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Nathan Drake22871d ago

great score. maybe this will help to jump to 85 on metacritic

masterofpwnage2871d ago

are you serious, thats its average.

very disappointing. espicially the game 360 fanboys hyped up so much. saying i cant wait to see the look of your face when it guets all 9s and 10s.

but other then that i shouldnt say anything, i never played it. Also this might be goty for some people.