Spawn Kill Review: Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Rebecca "Cuatro Chihuahuas" of Spawn Kill sits down with tri-Crescendo's unusual Wii game. Does it live up to its hype, or it is yet another Wii disappointment?

She writes, "We’ve all been there. You know what I mean. That game that you’ve been following since its very first announcement, the one that you anxiously await any tiny morsel of info to gobble up in delight, the one that can never come out soon enough, whether it takes years or months from first reveal until its street date. Fragile is one of those games for me. After first hearing about its Japanese release, I crossed my fingers and hoped it would eventually be localized. When XSEED decided to pick it up for North America, I was overjoyed, and eagerly read anything I could about the game that promised to bring something fresh and beautiful to Nintendo’s often overlooked console."

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tigresa2939d ago

You have such a great voice in all of your reviews. It's strange they'd change from one focus to another midway through, just a waste of a gorgeous world that I want to see more of. The combat didn't seem too enjoyable to begin with, do you think it'd benefit from a combat-less sequel of some sort?