First look at Microsoft's Halo 3 system and new accessories

During Gamedaily stopover at Microsoft exclusive event, the company showed off a number of new peripherals including more colors for its controllers and a redesign of the Xbox 360 itself with a halo theme in mind.

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Greysturm4024d ago

The battlescarred look to it.

risk4024d ago

on N4G is another one..the real one looks like green sh!t. its really really ugly ;/

Crazyglues4024d ago

Sad that the real halo one is green and ugly, I wish they would have done something like your picture. Halo 3 deserves something hot like that.

Anyway I will be getting the chatpad, or keypad or whatever it's called that seems pretty cool, and it comes with a headset, not a bad value.

jp 1174024d ago

i wonder where thats from