Gamekult Alan Wake review

Summary : Too much to take his time, Alan Wake was perhaps a bit lost en route. For when we waited a long title for five years, it is somewhat frustrating to end up before gameplay a bit dusty, and which one will eventually turn quickly, even if the action is generally effective. However, Remedy Entertainment has surpassed in the fields of directing, staging, and the atmosphere. Items that are marvelously complex and deep the scenario in which this "psychological thriller" takes us easily. Alan Wake brilliantly fulfills much of the contract by telling a story more intriguing and frightening, but its fun aspect would deserve as much care into the masterpiece that so many had hoped.

+ Talented and boldness in the staging
+ A complex scenario
+ Lighting effects and smoke sumptuous
+ Some memorable passages

- Really rather limited gameplay
- Lots and lots of jogging in the forest ...
- Linear
- Facial Animation a bit dated

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Nathan Drake22871d ago

what a shame. first

metro "better graphics then KZ2" meta 77
splinter cell 576p,meta 86,low sales
ff 13 576p,3 discs, outsold by ps3 version in UK and US
alan " the best console graphics ever" wake 540p(NEW RECORD), meta 85,not looking good for sales

kingdavid2871d ago

WHy is linear considered as a negative now?

Its just a different style of how a game can be presented.