The 10 biggest mistakes to avoid in Super Street Fighter IV

"Not long after the release of Street Fighter IV, seasoned fighters noticed a depressing trend among Ken players - many would play as if they were obeying a rigid set of pre-planned attacks instead of reacting and adapting to the fight. "Flowchart Ken" was born. You do not want to play like this."

"Want a better shot at online victory? Learn to avoid these 10 recurring mistakes made with the 10 new fighters with text from expert street scrapper and Capcom Unity bigshot Seth Killian."

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Boody-Bandit2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

I would love a complete tutorial of strategies from a guy like Seth. My skills are old school and have diminished. I can't get the hang of focus cancelling inside of combos into supers or ultras.

Anyone know a site or book that goes into depth of this SFIV engine?

I really wish some company would make a decent 6 button pad like the old Saturn pad. I saw a USB version of the Saturn pad but it doesn't work on the 360 and it doesn't have a ps button for XMB (I have the game for both systems). I can't use my sticks right now due to a left shoulder injury and it's frustrating playing with only four face buttons.

Gambit072907d ago

I got the MadCatz SF controller and it work surprisingly great, they're about $40.

Add me if you'd like, PSN Gambit07

Rock Bottom2907d ago

Here's a decent general/characters specific guide, it's quite detailed, very helpful and they keep updating it with new stratifies an stuff.

Myst2907d ago

Actually as a Juri main I've found that the Shikusen [dive kick] can actually go through some of the guards. A few online matches I played today [after a few days absence of the game] the Shikusen went through quite a bit of guards that other players had. Yes it can be blocked, but at the same time go through them. Then again I may use it at the beginning of the match, but that's pretty much it after that and sometimes I pretty much won't use it at all.

M-Easy2906d ago

Is to fight me lol... I kid I'm average

Baka-akaB2906d ago

I disagree about a few things , especially in makoto's case ... get extra grabby instead .

She's got a varied arsenal to follow through with cancels and kara to make karakusa worth the while . Especiallywhen you can extent its range with kara cancels

USe karakusa as much as you can , but be smart about it ... Try knocking down the opponent and you'll land them freely . She's got multiple setups to KD , especially in the corners