IGN: Five Reasons to be Excited for Fallout: New Vegas

IGN writes: "We recently got our first major look at Fallout: New Vegas, where Bethesda and Obsidian made it abundantly clear that this is no mere expansion to IGN's 2008 Game of the Year. In case you're the type of person who likes things in list format -- or if you're just looking for a bit more about this upcoming RPG -- we've compiled a set of reasons why this is one game you should be excited for. We are, after all, and don't you want to be like us?"

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Hellsvacancy2968d ago

Im well lookin forward to Fallout: Vegas, that and Rage but Rage has been pushed back which sucks

TrailerParkSupervisr2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Even though it is a ginormous expansion, it will be great. Looking forward to wasting another 100 hours of my life...

Off Topic: Anyone heard if Bethesda is ever going to do another ES? (Yes, I know they are just the publisher of FOV, am hoping this extra time is used for a new Elder)

EDIT: Bubbles are reset? Seriously?

El_Colombiano2968d ago

Hardcore mode sounds PERFECT.