Activision Continues Upped Price for Call of Duty: Black Ops

PSLS writes:

Raising the price on anything will never get a warm response from the consumer. Unfortunately for Activision, it almost seems like they are trying to piss off consumers. Activision is continuing yet another trend that caused plenty of gamers to pay overly high prices for one of their previous games… So, angry mob, get your torches and pitchforks ready.

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Biggunz2994d ago

If people are ignorant enough to buy games at jacked up prices then the consumer is the only one to blame.

presto7172994d ago

I have no time for these new over-hyped over-priced over-rated installments that happen to bear the same name.

My safe.

DigitalHorror812994d ago

You're a scumbag, Kotick. I refuse to buy ANYTHING from your company. May the fall of Activision be swift and soon.

Will-UK2993d ago

This guys on a roll
really milking games, taking more money and destroying developers under activision.

avengers19782994d ago

If they talk about raising the price, and people see them at the usual price they maybe more inclined to buy one.
It is a simple and very effective marketing tool used by many companies.

redDevil872994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Your consumers bought your games last year. They made you lots of money. Isn't that enough?!

I know people will still buy the game, but i hope theres a sharp decline in sales of the new COD. I'd feel kinda bad for Treyarch but anything that makes Kotick cry is a win in my book.

MajestieBeast2994d ago

And so it begins even more expensive games i hope black ops bombs so badly for activision.

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