Gaming is your key to Reduce stress and Depression

"A recent study commissioned by PopCap Games found that casual games like Bejeweled and Peggle can help lift people's moods and help combat stress, fatigue, psychological tension, and anger. In a six-month study of 134 people, they found that playing Bejeweled reduced stress by 54 percent compared to a control group. The games also help lift participants' moods, particularly with Peggle, where there was a massive 573 percent improvement after playing. "

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InfectedDK2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Shatter, Zuma, Mushroom Wars, PixelJunk Monsters, Peggle and so on is awesome, I feel relaxed and enjoyed with them.. The music, sounds and gameplay makes them fun to play.. So why would this study not be true :)

Anyway, another great reason for plaing casual games once in a while!

drewboy7042696d ago

All those casual games are great when im stressed. Just never play MW2 or halo when stressed. In those games there's a 50/50 chance you'll get more stressed. If i wasn't addicted 2 MW2 i'd have quit a month after it came out. Now i find myself going for every title and emblem. Rage quit

InfectedDK2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Here's one great song from Shatter (PSN game)..

Hellsvacancy2696d ago

Nah, smokin pot is your key to Reduce stress and Depression, maybe not so much depression, just game and smoke at the same time, ULTIMATE relaxation