Games confirmed to E3 2010

Lusogamer published all games confirmed for E3 2010.

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Lucreto2996d ago

Sony are keeping the lid on things this year. I look forward to see what they are going to show.

Asuka2996d ago

Sony's show is going to be something no gamer should miss =P But in all honestly, i just can't wait to see all the kool games that are hiding in the background. This is going to be a great E3 =D

Wrathman2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

wtf is free realm?

it sounds like i would like it.but im not sure if its a sound like an online rpg.

found this:

it looks like HOME gone HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

thanks but no thanks

Shang-Long2996d ago

im gonna miss it :( i'll be in Brazil

LordMarius2996d ago

we are still a month away, just watch how the leaks leak. Like we already know inFAMOUS 2, LBP 2,and Resistance 3 are coming so those wont be a surprise

-Alpha2996d ago

Those just sound like obvious guesses. It doesn't mean that people knew about them, it just means they make intelligent guesses.

I could've guessed that and claimed I heard it from Ken Kutagari over my golf game with him and would likely be right.

The funny thing with rumors like this is that if they are wrong they are quickly forgotten because of all the excitement for E3. Only when people are right will they "I told you so!" but when they are wrong it's swept under the rug.

LordMarius2996d ago

ok Alphamale bookmark this comment then

InFamous 2- since last year Sucker Punch has been hiring people for an urban style and an multiplayer function, A guy tweeted he was voicing the character of Cole, then recent registered Domain of inFamous 2.

Resistance 3 - There was that Billboard of it taking place in New York, and now Sony is even asking people if they think they are making Resistance 3, also Insomniac is developing two games, it will be foolish not to think R3 isnt one of them.

LBP 2 - Now this one I might be wrong, but the recent tweet of some music group, the acquisition of MM by Sony, and the Sony rep spilling the beans a while back of how LBP 2 was going to incorporate Move

Last year people all they did was denied the evidence of the PS3 slim eventhough it was staring them right in the face. So come back after Sony's conference and tell me I was wrong, this aren't just guesses I pull out of my you know what.

-Alpha2996d ago

Marius I didn't mean it like that, sorry.

I know games like inFamous 2 are likely, but I was trying to say that people make educated guesses and are usually right because it seems obvious to happen.

Anyways, I was going off about something a little different, don't take it the wrong way. I strongly believe R3 and InFamous 2 are coming but only because that's what the evidence suggests. However, evidence is not proof like some people try to claim. HHG may be a bad example, but when he says "I told you so!" it's only because of drawing inferences to his conclusions. It's not necessarily proof. I was just pointing out that sometimes that's what sites try to do: claim they have proof when it's just a good guess.

Redempteur2995d ago

i don't believe in LBP 2 ... it's a play create share game ... so there is no need for sequels just dlc that add new things ( pistol , water, ect ... ) ..and besides LBP with move is confirmed since last year ..

Ravage272995d ago

i would cross my fingers and hold my breath for the announcement of a Legend of Dragoon sequel. I'm not giving up yet lol :p

On a serious note, i'm pretty sure Sony has a sh*tload of cool stuff to show this E3, but i'll be content with just inFamous 2. This is my number one most anticipated game after GT5 hits and i really can't wait to see them expanding the potential i've seen in the first one.

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deadreckoning6662996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Microsoft, Nintendo AND Sony are keeping the lid on things this year. I look forward to see what they are going to show. Can't wait to see what the big three are gunna bring this year! E3 will be amazing!

woolley2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

It most likely won't be at E3. David Jaffe said he and his game won't be at E3 '10.

Disccordia2995d ago

What's been said so far seems to suggest that whilst TM is in development, it probably isn't the game Jaffe is working on so it's possible if that turns out to be true.

InfectedDK2996d ago

Agreed. Sony E3 is marked in my calendar and has been that for a month or two now. Looking forward to a European release date for GT5.

D4RkNIKON2996d ago

I want to see some news about Killzone 3! I always look forward to E3, I am also looking forward to seeing more about Move and Natal

MisterNiwa2996d ago

Dude, all these games are confirmed so far, there is not a single one that is made up or unannounced..

Did you even check the list?

captain-obvious2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

my bad
i was commenting on another topic but posted in this one by mistake

sikbeta2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

It'll be more Than Enough for Me with these games:

Gran Turismo 5: release Date + Gameplay
Killzone 3: Trailer
Resistance 3: Trailer
Motorstorm 3 + updated Physics Engine
Syphon Filter PS3 Trailer
Twisted Metal PS3 Trailer + Gameplay
Agent + New Info
The Agency + Gameplay
The Last Guardian: Epic New trailer + Gameplay
God of War: Ghost of Sparta Trailer
[Minority Report] by PS-Move

blackmamba7072996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Sony will obviously finish their conference with killer game, and I don't know which one will it be

Could be Killzone 3, new IP or Bungie new game :)

PS Move can steal the show though.

inveni02996d ago


If Sony is going to steal the show, it's going to be with a trailer for Agent. Showing anything that has to do with Agent in motion will guarantee a win.

Disccordia2995d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Run_bare2995d ago

I hope they bring out something substantial. Maybe a new trailers but this time with voice acting.

No Way2995d ago

I aint been on here much, but, uh.. what's Agent?

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masterofpwnage2996d ago

watch all they show is free realms haha

but im exited to. Ive been saying this for month. Mostly all the big games are out and none disappointed. now sony is about to show alot of stuff to fill in all the other game that just came out. im exited.

avengers19782996d ago

Anybody else think that this is a pretty crap list. I hope for lots of surprises.
I'm tired of knowing everything before the "announcement" or "BIG reveal"

inveni02996d ago

It's a crap list because there's nothing from Sony on there.

Barbapapa2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

i bet sony got fed up with all the leaks on past E3 announcements.

now we haven't seen anything we kinda expect everything now lol. i mean there is no doubt KZ3 and R3 will be shown this E3.

PshycoNinja2996d ago

for E3 this year I can bearly keep myself from screaming like a little girl.

aceitman2996d ago

psn e3 dear playstation letter contest i put mine up here it is

DTClown2996d ago

Think about it... Microsoft (for the record I hate secret) has maybe played us all like a fiddle. Just like a magician's slight of hand trick, they made us all look in one direction while something else was happening in the other hand.

Natal is a diversion. At E3 2010 Microshaft is going to announce xbox 720, or whatever they call it, and will hit shelves in time for Christmas 2010 with the new HALO 4. BS you all say...I know, I know. BUT, there is evidence everywhere if you look away from Microsoft's diversion. GearBox has been working on the new HALO 4 game for nearly 3 years now. (this is a fact I have been saying for the last 2 years from a family member employee at GB) The first xbox had a under 5 year lifespan. 360 is shaping up to do the same due to lacking hardware performance, software limitations, and media device decisions. (DVD)

If this were to happen, they would take everybody by surprise and once AGAIN, jump start the new generation of consoles..this time without Sony on their heels. In order to do this, Microsoft would have needed a great diversion. Natal. While everybody is looking at motion control to catch up to Wii, MS says screw Wii and their gimmick, we are going after SONY with our second preemptive strike. This scenario makes more sense to me than putting all their ducks in one Natal basket.

What do you think?

DTClown2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )


arakouftaian2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

i want to see, The Last Guardian, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Socom 4 Multiplayer part of the game and a beta, Agent.
and that MOVE game with the flash light.
if they show me all this i will be happy.

btw i may be on the Sony E3 conference im going to the pre 3E sony meet up
anybody is goign from here? hit me up.

xXRight3yeXx2995d ago

I don't get why publishers and developers don't talk about their next big game. Why?

sid4gamerfreak2995d ago

Very interested in seeing what Sony and Microsoft have to show

vhero2995d ago

Sony staying quiet this year probably because last year they let mostly everything out the bag early and MS then stole the show with the Metal Gear and FF announcements. Maybe Sony will bring out Cliffy B onto the stage this year?

mastiffchild2995d ago

Sony will have plenty but the trouble is we're pretty sure what a lot of it will be, no? inFAMOUS2, Resistance3 and Motorstorm3 would all be official confirmations true enough-but hardly surprises that will wow the watching press. It's harsh but unless those games are just AMAZING in and of themselves Sony will still suffer a little by the plain fact they're predictable sequels.

Even those games they might announce(like Starhawk, SF5 et al) aren't those way beyond what we'd guess at either so, imo, Sony have to go into E3 and worry in terms of sheer quality and it wouldn't hurt if a few of the missing MMO meant to land on PS3 actually got a concrete date and FR is NOT enough on that front when The Agency has been promised for the last three years. No, software and software of great quality is what Sony need to show whether it's conventional core games or stuff for Move(which has been steadily impressing more and more observers lately with it's lack of latency and accuracy)-they just have to wow us with the quality ON thoae discs and not worry about how predictable the actual titles are-always an issue on the second round of games in a generation anyway and totally unavoidable with the success Sony have had with first party games lately.

It's one drawback of having a glut of games worthy of sequels I suppose. Anyone think there was any truth in that rumour saying the PSP RE game was going to be held back for a PSP2 launch but still have a playable control scheme for existing PSPs? Seems a daft way to try and sell a new handheld to me.

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RememberThe3572996d ago

There is so much excitement, so many secrets unveiled. The press conferences alone keep me on the edge of my seat.

avengers19782996d ago

True one of the Best things about the G4 network is every year they got the press conference live coverage...F'ing EPIC

Teehee2996d ago

Wasn't EA Sports Active also announced for the Ps3?

C L O U D2996d ago

Out of the list I'm looking forward to Deadspace 2.

Konami and EA has got quiet a line up.