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Ten Games we would like to be announced at E3 2010


"There are strong arguments for wanting more original games (new IPs), but when you’ve got a good thing it’s natural to want more. With only a month and a half left until E3 (which OXCGN will be attending of course) I thought I’d put together my own list of most-wanted sequel announcements.

So here we are, starting at number 10:" (Black and White, Conker's Other Bad Day, E3, Half Life 3, inFamous 2, Oddword, Project Gotham Racing 5, PS3, Viva Pinata, Xbox 360)

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BadCircuit  +   1944d ago
PLEASE announce the next Elder Scrolls game!
masterofpwnage  +   1944d ago
yes i love elder scroll.
and also i want to see ffv13
Nicholas Cage  +   1944d ago
WE NEED these games
a brand new resident evil. way better than resident evil 5. i also want uncharted 3(most likely not until 2011) and SHADOWMAN! anyone remember that game? it was really good. and how about another demons souls!
NamelessTed  +   1944d ago
While I would love to see a new Elder Scrolls game coming from Bethesda, it is safe to say that we aren't going to see it this year. First of all, Bethesda doesn't like to announce new titles at E3, they usually announce titles during other events or just whenever they decide.

They also won't be talking about any Elder Scrolls games because other titles that ZeniMax(Bethesda's parent company) will be pushing this year. We are going to get to see Fallout: New Vegas, Brink, and Rage. The first two games are coming out this year and Rage is set to come out sometime in 2011.

I think we will start to hear about Elder Scrolls after the first two games come out. You also have to realize that there is potential that the new Elder Scrolls game will utilize the new id Tech 5 engine that is being used for Rage since it is inarguable superior to the Gamebro engine in every way.

I would love to see Elder Scrolls, but it isn't happening this year.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1944d ago
@ BadCircuit
I read awhile back, I think on G4's feed that they weren't planning on announcing a new Elder Scrolls this E3. Which blows...
Cold 2000  +   1944d ago
I'm ready to bet Versus is coming to the 360.

5 yaers and still under wraps...? Come on! lol.
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zootang  +   1944d ago
As long as Persona 5 is a PS3 exclusive i don't care
Commander TK  +   1944d ago
@Cold 2000
No, fanboy. Dream on, it won't happen.
Dragun619  +   1944d ago
I would like to see another installment of Elder Scrolls. But I'm guessing this is a list for Xbox360 games besides Infamous 2. So If I can choose any franchise from Microsoft's Stable, I would definitely like to see a sequel to, Phantom Dust. It is one of the best Xbox games for the Xbox. Totally underrated.
CryWolf  +   1944d ago
Please Announce
Mass Effect 1&2
Final Fantasy XIII Versus
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
shenmue 3
Hitman 5
Skies of Arcadia
The Legend of Dragoon remake
Final Fantasy 7 remake

for Playstation 3
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-MD-  +   1944d ago
Yeah let's announce conker for PS3 when Microsoft owns it. FFXIII Versus was announced years ago.
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sid4gamerfreak  +   1944d ago
agreed man, elder scrolls is the only game which has made me cling to it for a long period of time...
JonnyBadfinger  +   1944d ago
Elder Scrolls and Conkers would trump my list.

I hate fantasy games and anything remotely linked or that involves magic of any kind. But Elder Scrolls is the only exception... Oblivion blew my f***ing mind.

Conkers Bad Fur Day, for me is my top 3 video games of all-time... just behind Zelda: Ocarina of time and Halo:CE
Yes i was one of those people who were let down by Live & Reloaded... the multiplayer, while still fun was ruined by the overall attempt of serious gameplay mechanics implemented to the game... plus you cant beat 'Beach', where all the french squirrels have to get across the beach without being killed by either a machine gun sniper or rocket launchered of the map... or in conkers case little pieces of squirrel organs. And 'Heist' oh mate, i still use half of the commentary from that gametype today.
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vhero  +   1944d ago
Xbox site and they say infamous 2.. never expected that..
AliTheBrit19  +   1944d ago
Sorry dude, Bethesda have already said they have nothing to announce at E3, Although I would have loved it too

Infact its been on my E3 wish list for like 4 damn years now..
XboxOZ360  +   1944d ago
There's several games that have not been around for a while now that will come back to life at E3 this year, which is great to see, plus a few that have been expected, but not mentioned all that much in the media.

I know of at least 3 that will be announced, but can not mention them, that many fans will be happy to see back on the upcoming games lists that's for sure.
gaminoz  +   1944d ago
I really hope the next Elder Scrolls game is in a semi-realistic medieval world like Oblivion and not too 'fantasy' like some are.

Rare are probably pretty busy with whatever Natal work they are doing. Doubt we'll see Conker there unless it's a mini game style.
K1W1  +   1944d ago
I would love to see a new Viva Piñata game for E3.

More garden space would be a must however, as my garden just never seems to be big enough for my grand landscaping ideas.
REALgamer  +   1944d ago
Viva Pinata - most under-appreciated game ever
vhero  +   1944d ago
Viva pinata is a great game just terrible for a console it should be a pc only game. When they ported the original game to pc it was so much better.. Strategy games like that are not made for consoles unless you can use a mouse and well that's made for a controller. Great game though don't get me wrong but the controls is what turns gamers off.
Hellsvacancy  +   1944d ago
Hitman V, thats all i want (i know its not on the list)
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XboxOZ360  +   1944d ago
I believe Hitman is in development, but not sure as to what level it is up to at this time.

It would be perfect for the current generation of games, and be an ideal holiday season addition this christmas.

There are a few mystery games to be announced, but dev/pub are keeping mum about those.
Hellsvacancy  +   1944d ago
I know its comin soon the wait (4-me) is unbearable IF Hitman V has online itll b f-in hectic

+1 2 u mofo

masterofpwnage  +   1944d ago
off topic
this is why you dont close down a site especially n4g. so much news so fast haha.

but all i want to see is ffv13 and the agent and the agency and some new games.
-MD-  +   1944d ago
Conker's Bad Fur Day 2
Killer Instinct 3
Perfect Dark 2

Any or all of them would make my day.
K1W1  +   1944d ago
I'm with you.

I can't wait to see what Rare's been working on.
I think however we may see only new IP's from them at E3 with the old favourites getting the XBLA treatment.

+ bubble.
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XboxOZ360  +   1944d ago
Rare's stuff is most likely all connected to Project Natal rather than other games some may be interested in.

That has been their main focus since Natal was brought into the scene.

But it will be interesting to see what some of the un-mentioned games they have lined up are.
eggbert  +   1944d ago
Killer instinct
Man that game rocked. I still have it for the n64.
REALgamer  +   1944d ago
I loved Conker back in the day. Not into the multiplayer of the xbox version though...
redDevil87  +   1944d ago
Freedom Fighters 2
That would be an awesome announcement for me. The first was a quality game and I'd love to play the second.
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1944d ago

I've said this multiple times, announce some information about the damn game already.

I've played Oblivion more than any other offline game. Just a little information would satisfy my sexual desires. :D
BlackIceJoe  +   1944d ago
Great list I agree with all of them. I so can't wait to see what the Elder Scrolls V will be like.
Godem  +   1944d ago
The Longest Journey 3 PLEASE!!!!!
Shendow  +   1944d ago
About 5 of those games would, to bad one is PS3 only and one of the games "Viva Pinata" is most likely not going to be on the 360, it is on Nintendo DS an I think somewhere its on Wii.

So I don't see it coming back to the 360, Conker is likely but in someways not, the game story has been played out. Elder Scrolls would be nice, heck even if it was 4 or 5 disc game, I would get it.

I just hope one disc doesn't get mess up or lost.
TheIneffableBob  +   1944d ago
A new Valve game is supposed to be announced soon. Probably at E3.

It's a new game being developed by IceFrog, one of the main developers on DoTA that Valve hired.
Pandamobile  +   1944d ago
Yes, because Valve is going to drop Half-Life 3 at E3 before we get any sort of information on Episode 3 :|
-MD-  +   1944d ago
Semi-related but am I the only one that thinks Episode 3 will be detailed/revealed/tied into with Portal 2?
SublimingMass  +   1944d ago
infamous 2 i hope gets released this year. Maybe information on that ubisoft title "i am alive" and perhaps beyond good and evil 2 and PoP maybe but i doubt they would release 2 PoP games in the same year
Belgavion  +   1944d ago
Eternal Darkness 2 please please please
i3EY  +   1944d ago
Omg I wish they would announce Twisted Metal and Infamous 2
This would be awesome 8)
ClownBelt  +   1944d ago
All I wish is Persona 5. Nothing more, nothing less.
reintype  +   1944d ago
I'm with you.
Persona 5 for the PS3. Everything else is just icing in the cake.
zootang  +   1944d ago
I wish, I want, I need!!! Ok maybe not that much but you get my point. I love persona and i can't wait for a new one
bviperz  +   1944d ago
Great list
I would sample everyone of those games. I'm with Murder Dolls too, Killer Instinct would be INSANE!
arakouftaian  +   1944d ago
just give us trailers and gamelay if is posible for games like.

Starhawk (Warhawk 2)
that M0VE game with the flash light
T Metal (next gen)
2 New games

i forgot a very important game

Demon Soul's 2 with a world wide relese date.
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HorriblePanda  +   1944d ago
i would love a HD jet grind radio!!! that would kick @ss!!! forget that Jet Set Radio Future crap!!! it was lame compared to good ol jet grind on the dreamcast!! half life 3 would be awsome but ya know what they need to bring out???? GOD DAMN SHENMUE 3!!!!! if sega can make crap like yakuza 3 happen and please a handfull of gameers on ps3 then make shenmue 3 i will buy 2 copys a normal one and a limited edition or 2 limited editions now off to buy ryo's leather jacket on XBL market place for my avatar
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TrevorPhillips  +   1944d ago
OMG elder scroll IV is the best game I have ever played and I still love it till now. Still got the copy :)
Myst  +   1944d ago
Still not going to give up on this but I would definitely like to see Power Stone make it's return as well as a Persona land itself on the PS3. I saw a few rumors about it a while back, but nothing concrete. Other than that I'd kind of like to see some old games brought forth to the current consoles. In way of Digital Download or the Collection series similar to that of how God of War I and II was presented.
julielose   1944d ago | Spam
Relientk77  +   1944d ago
I would love a new Oddworld game, its a great series
Freak of Nature  +   1944d ago
I agree 100%!Bubbles to you...

However the wait will have to continue for awhile longer, as Oddworld inhabitants are waiting on more info and results on digital downloads.

The movie citizen siege has been put on the back-burner,probably never to see the light of day,but Oddworld still lives,and will see the light of day again.
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Freak of Nature  +   1944d ago
An official announcement on any HD system,just bring it to PS360....

Beyond good and evil 2
Dark cloud 3
Medievil new gen!
Anything media molecule....
Jax and Dax new gen....

Along with Oddworld of course....!

Bring me some quirky stylish,and creative games...Oh well one can hope...
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Myst  +   1944d ago
Oh shoot I forgot to say Dark Cloud 3 when I was writing my own post, I would certainly like for Level 5 to bring about 3. After what was White Knight Chronicles, it would certainly be nice to see something similar but, in the Dark Cloud Universe.
Relientk77  +   1944d ago
Those are good choices
SlyGuy  +   1944d ago
I wish to see...
Valkyria Chronicles 2! Or maybe even Folklore 2...one can dream.

Let's not forget Starhawk!
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Theonik  +   1944d ago
The games i am hoping for either 360 or PS3
Shenmue 3
Jet set Radio: Next gen
Valkyria Chronicles sequel (following the original not 2 on PSP)
Skies of Arcadia 2
Those from Sega
the rest have been mentioned before and are pretty obvious to guess they are coming.
happyfuntime  +   1944d ago
>xbox community site
>That’s right – Half-Life 3
>After all, your other teams have done great new things with Portal and Left 4
>Dead, so it doesn’t seem like you’re lacking in imaginative designers.

What a great insight into the developing process of a brand new engine+game from our beloved Xboys. Why don't they leave out any chance to show off their moronic?
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