Kotick: 35 Infinity Ward Employees Resigned, More Will Leave

"We are obviously disappointed about this, and we wish we could have convinced some of these talented people to stay," Kotick added.

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Mo0eY2662d ago

Ahhh, Kotick. You try and twist those words around, you summuna beach. I hope the ex-IW peeps come out with the greatest game with EA as the publisher so I can laugh in your face.

darthv722662d ago

bungie doesnt go through the same treatment over the course of their contract.

FragMnTagM2662d ago

That said, I highly doubt Bungie would let Activision walk all over top of them.

champ212661d ago

Hope they will be making new engines finally, sick of seeings cod games use the same 4yr old engine.

MegaPowa2662d ago

Activision won't fall apart and as far as we know kotick is still the guy with the big bucks

micro_invader2661d ago

Yes, sadly that's the case. Activision are still raking in the money off their other franchises. I hope they all migrate to Respawn Entertainment. I might be wrong but the contract they have with EA seems to be a lot more flexible, and sort of like what Bungie has with Activision now.

D4RkNIKON2662d ago

Everyone loves to hate Kotick because it is so easy. The man is evil

kjordanreyna2662d ago

i wonder who will play him in the movie? Someone even more evil..thats for dam sure! but, no. thats impossible

PS360PCROCKS2662d ago

Mike Myers! "I want Goooolllldddddd" or "One trillion dollars!"

BX812662d ago

Why does everyone keep referring to satin as kotick?

raWfodog2661d ago

Because satin is silky smooth, almost like silk...

You mean 'satan'?

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chrisnick2662d ago

if its in IWs contracts, how could they not get what they were promised. If he really did this to the people who just made him all that money just so he can keep some for the company, then he is the definition of douchebag.

BX812662d ago

Not sure exactly what went on, or what the contracts said for that matter. But you can bet it had something along the lines of for fitting bonuses or pay if they were in the wrong.

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WhittO2662d ago

Whatever game they make they need to advertise to the casuals that it is most of the team (well alot of the key members anyway) from IW making it.

Will-UK2662d ago

This guy really is ruining games company activision is much worse than EA

ZombieNinjaPanda2662d ago

Yeah agree with Darth. Hopefully they won't be pulling this bull with Bungie.

cool cole2662d ago

Activision doesn't own Bungie, they just made a deal to publish this new game Bungie is making, Activision couldn't fire people from Bungie if they wanted to.

ZombieNinjaPanda2662d ago

Good point Cole, but knowing Acti, they'll find a way to F things up as usual.

coolcole932662d ago

Can I have my name back?

cool cole2661d ago

Sorry dude, didn't know somebody else had the name.

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sikbeta2662d ago

"Kotick: MWAHAHAHA... all the ca$h is for me [email protected], now lets continue with the Milking..."

Blaze9292662d ago

anyone every actually stop to think that maybe it was truly those two at Infinity Ward who did something wrong? I mean, "Once we began to understand what had occurred, there was no grey area. There was nothing to allow us to retain their services as talented as they might have been."

So those two execs must have surely done something wrong.

But then again, how does he explain the 35 ex employees now? Dunno, might be a two-way blame.

Redempteur2662d ago

Given the past history of activision as a whole and kotick declaration i have a hard time to understand how hard is it to pay (people studios, ect ect ) when the game sold like this ...
I dislike IW ..i don't play MW2 but seriously ...activision actions are downright weird considering how much moeny was made DAY ONE ..

Wasn't there no other option other than this ?

Maybe nobody is right and both have their fault ( my theory ) but if i have someone to blame it's the guy with the money refusing to share ..

zag2662d ago

What they did wrong was to shop around a new game or new MW2/3 type game without letting activision know about it.

Most companies don't allow this in the contract as they could let codebase out to other companies or become spies etc or sabotage activision in some way for another company.

So they got fired and they moved back to EA, and as sometimes happens you either cherry pick people or offer friends a better paying job etc and if they want to they will take up the offer.

You'll probably find IW isn't owned by activision but the MW titles are and that's probably the real problem activision got pissed that IW were shopping around a new game with a new publisher nothing wrong with that but activision wanted to force them to publish via them and thus we come to present day.

BkaY2662d ago

"We are obviously disappointed about this, and we wish we could have convinced some of these talented people to stay," Kotick

ohh phurrrrr...



Ravage272662d ago

he has probably spent all that moolah on personal yachts and hookers.

Anorexorcist2662d ago

because now that they can't rely on the "Call of Duty" name alone to sell their titles, they have to make a great impression by not creating broken games.

Dnied2662d ago

you're wrong. That's exactly what they're going to do... rely on "Call of Duty" to make them money.

While I'm totally against Activision because of what they do to great franchises, you can't take all the blame off IW. If they were 'forced' to make mw2 a crap game then I'm sure many would have left during earlier stages.. mw2 was clearly the direction IW was willing to go along with, however Activision may have rushed them... some of the main features like custom killstreaks, that ruined what mw1 was, would still have been implemented.

my 2 cents anyways =(

Anorexorcist2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I just think making killstreaks go beyond 10+ kills and the ridiculous "Nuke" killstreak only further encourages camping in MW2.

Let's be real here; there is only 2 ways a person can get a nuke killstreak:

1)Camp their cheap azzes off (i.e. just keep sitting on their eggs until they hatch.)

2)The circumstances within the online COD universe have to be PERFECTLY aligned (i.e. Not getting shot in the back, not getting involved against a platoon of noob-tubers, not coming across claymores, not getting killed by aircraft, always getting the first shots off in a face-to-face confrontation, Commando perk not lapsing on you and always knifing an enemy the first time, and not missing and having him turn around and knife you.

It was taken to a ridiculous degree, but hopefully the fallout with Activision will humble IW some.

Barbapapa2662d ago

they even ruined the rhythm game genre. the only thing missing to guitar hero is a justin bieber iteration. so i guess activision really needs COD but they just signed in bungie so they have something else to exploit for 10 more years.

zeeshan2662d ago

This kinda proves that it ACTIVISION was the one screwing with IW and not the other way around. No way so many people would leave a good company and go join a studio that only recently started with absolutely nothing but word of mouth.