Joystiq: ModNation Racers Review

Joystiq writes: "Hardcore gamers tend to avoid kart racing games without Mario in the title -- and for good reason, too. Ever since the success of Nintendo's original SNES effort, the genre has been flooded with mediocre copycat shovelware, starring mascots of rather questionable origin. (Seriously, M&M's Kart Racing is a real game.) While it may be easy to write off ModNation Racers as just another kart racing game, I was surprised by how well-crafted and deep United Front Games' debut title is. While it has garnered a lot of attention due to its "play, create, share" gimmick, ModNation Racers stands out as a deep, satisfying racer through its gameplay alone".

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Pedobear Rocks2965d ago

Create functions. Pedobear zooming around your track will bring smiles to all the little kids faces for sure.


Pedobear Rocks2965d ago

as popular amongst the kids as scary clowns.


kjordanreyna2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I always thought pedo bear had a nice spot above scary clowns and below just "clowns" (definitely not as scary as clowns)

inveni02964d ago

You're all forgetting about the worst of all... Pedo Clown.

Christopher2965d ago

Will be getting this game for my nephews, will need to make sure you're on their blocked list :p

Sevir042965d ago

I'm kinda bummed that the load times haven't been fixed. but oh well, still a game exuding with polish. cant wait for it. PS3 version for me.

inveni02964d ago

Yeah, but maybe they'll fix it eventually. I wouldn't be against doubling the install to cut the load times in half.

renegade2965d ago

Fun game!! looking foward to it.

M-Easy2965d ago

is going to take $20 off this game. Sweet.

crazyturkey2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Tracks from the Mario Kart Games. If I can or someone can I'll make the game awesomer.

-Alpha2965d ago

The track creation is ridiculously simple.

LBP failed to capture the imagination of the masses because it required a ton of work and even some skill. It was by no means casual. But Mod Nation makes designing tracks so bloody simple.

I have no doubt that you can recreate Mario tracks but screw Mario tracks, some of the stuff I saw in the beta was amazing.

Ilikegames762965d ago

someone can recreate the Nurburgring track in MNR. I will try creating the Suzuka or even the El Capitan track with weapons and traps.

-Mezzo-2965d ago

I having been waiting for this game from the very first day it was announced. First Day One Purchase Of This Month.

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The story is too old to be commented.