OXCGN’s Top 5 Most Played Games On This-Gen Console


"Every gamer has a game that swallows up time, keeps them fixated and amazed and is destined to be a personal nostagia trip for years to come. It may be the incredible world that you are immersed in, the gameplay that keeps you amused, or even the multiplayer action you experience.

This generation of consoles have provided a wealth of different games but not all of them have been big long-term attention grabbers.

OXCGN’s staff looks at the games this gen that they have spent the longest time playing, and would love to hear about yours in the comment section below."

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BadCircuit2906d ago

I love my RPGs: it's no surprise that there are RPGs in that list! I agree with Oblivion and ME.

sid4gamerfreak2905d ago

definitely oblivion. That game is a masterpiece

Nicholas Cage2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

omg i played that for what...100 hours already. and ive had it for 3 weeks only

xabmol2905d ago

Yeah, you might say I have a soul addiction. :)

Christopher2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

RPGs make up probably 80% of my gaming in general.

Mass Effect 1 & 2
Fallout 3
Dragon Age (80 hours just to finish one time through)
The Witcher: Enhanced

I need to get back into Demon's Souls.

XboxOZ3602906d ago

(t seems Mass Effect 2 has won many ppl's mostr played games, but then again, not everyone is the same.

I myself enjoy racing games or certain styles of FPS, but it does seem that RPG's grab a great deal of attention from a huge % of gamers.

R2D22905d ago

I have never loved an IP as much as I love Mass Effect. Lets hope the franchise does not end at a Trilogy and some spain off is made.

Commander Shephard is KING next to Master Chief.

gaminoz2906d ago

Oblivion for me! I guess there weren't many other games to distract at the time, but it was a world that made 'next gen' seem to mean something. Of course now it is an old 'this gen' game, but a classic!

BadCircuit2906d ago

I agree. I spent lots of hours on Oblivion. Can't wait for the next Elder Scrolls!

gaminoz2906d ago

Bring it on...but I hope it doesn't have a world like Shivering Isles...too 'otherworldly'. I liked the towns etc. of Oblivion with the occasional visit through the Oblivion gates.

masterofpwnage2906d ago

forme is oblivion. i spent almost 4 month playing that game no lie haha.

but when i buy a new ps3 it would be mag.

Ghost_Sparta2905d ago

I believe in you because I spent even more time than you!...God the game is almost infinite!

avengers19782906d ago (Edited 2906d ago )

I have played through every God of War game at least 5 times, and played both uncharted games 4 or 5 times.
But I gotta say I played KZ2 the most; tons of time spent on multiplayer, and the single player 3 times.

Final Fantasy 7 um who didn't put in a ton of time on this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.