G4TV: Lost Planet 2 Review

Like the original, Lost Planet 2 is a third-person sci-fi shooter set on a planet full of malicious military types, defiant pirates, and gigantic aliens, and none of them take kindly to trespassers. But while the basic game is somewhat solid, it has a lot of little annoyances that add up to ultimately prevent it from being more than a rote shooter.

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Digital-_-Smoke2971d ago

even G4TV gave it a low score they usually give the decent games a 5/5

deafwing2970d ago

...? That's 60% ... it's passing. A 2 would fail; yet I digress a lot of the reviewers are pointing out the same thing about Capcom's poor design choices. I did notice that some these choices are in another game (which we've accepted) released last year - Resident Evil 5.

Mo0eY2971d ago

Yup, 3/5 sounds about right.

khellendros12971d ago

I'm not usually a score snob but with so many great games in my backlog this is disappointing. I was really looking forward to playing this. I may still pick it up but it will be later and at a discounted price.

Tdmd2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Same here. I was really eager for some online coop giant alien hunt, but those reviews are driving me back. I'll still get it - no doubt about it. Just not getting it now. Maybe when it gets cheaper... too bad. :T

deafwing2970d ago

... but I'd have to find 3 brave souls to help out with clearing it in 6 days.