Itchy & Scratchy, Gaming To Shock Kids from Violence

Koku writes: "A primary school has employed the violent cat and mouse duo, Itchy and Scratchy, from the Simpsons along with some video games with the intent of shocking and awing violent tendencies out of them. By exposing the children to images of extreme violence, the hope is that they will learn about the consequences of violent acts and choose to use their words instead."

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Ziriux2969d ago

I dont understand how showing Itchy and Scratchy helps the kids stay away from violence. It most likely makes it look fun for the kids.

Cronus31662969d ago

One must love our education system. Don't these parents remember what it was like for them during drivers training when they were forced to view the "gore and awe" movie about irresponsible driving?

Shock and awe isn't the way to go, sit down, explain to the kids and bam, they will begin to understand.

Ziriux2969d ago

I'd say in regards to drinking and driving or even irresponsible driving it at least is true. When it comes to games and kids being shown how to stay from violence is a bad idea, it worries me that it will make violence seem cool, especially from GTA IV.