IGN: Record of Agarest War Review

IGN: "Record of Agarest War is a traditional strategy RPG that has a few nice perks but stumbles enough to keep it from greatness. It's being marketed as an erotic SRPG, but in reality it's actually very tame. A little cleavage is all you're going to see here. I would rather it have gone more over-the-top with its sexuality, as that would have made it a more unique experience. But if you're a fan of the genre, Agarest War will provide a very long adventure that spans generations."

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callahan092872d ago

A 7.5 out of 10 is a fine score for this game, but every time I see an IGN review, it's either a ridiculous score, or reminds me of how ridiculous a previously attributed score was. In this case, I'm reminded of Disgaea 3. That game, nearly 2 years ago, was significantly superior to this game. It had better graphics (particularly the environments) and catchier music, hilarious antics, and the Disgaea strategy RPG formula is just so deep and expansive and long-lasting with so much to do. It should have scored way higher than the 6.7 they gave it. I can't believe they gave Agarest a 7 for graphics 2 years after giving Disgaea 3 a 4.5 for graphics. They clearly have no standardization process for their scoring.

[email protected]2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

At least someone its smart enough, but because it's a multiplatform game also available on the other console (no bashing or anything just in case :)) their reviews hold this kind of fluctuation on their score even with game kinda or very similar xD