E3: Miyamoto talks Mario Galaxy

Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto treated selected journalists to an extra showing of Super Mario Galaxy at a roundtable yesterday, in which he revealed some interesting nuggets of info regarding the much-anticipated adventure.

The game, Miyamoto revealed, is being developed by the same Tokyo-based team that made Donkey Kong Beat - the absolutely awesome bongo-operated platformer on GameCube. Miyamoto himself has been heavily involved in the physical design of the game - more so even than with Super Mario 64, in which he took up more of a directive role.

During Nintendo's press conference on Wednesday Reggie surprised the crowd by saying that Galaxy was the first worthy successor to Super Mario 64. Miyamoto avoided dismissing Mario Sunshine when asked if he agreed with the comments, simply saying that Galaxy's spherical levels give it the same exploratory satisfaction that made Mario 64 so great.

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Bloodmask3994d ago

Miyamoto is like the Walt Disney of the gaming world. He makes the magic happen.