Gamekult Review: Iron Man 2

Gamekult: After an adaptation buckled in hurry due to accompany the first Iron Man, one could naively expect that the result would be an opportunity to correct the many concerns that had plagued us back then.

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AEtherbane2906d ago

Where are the reviews for the wii version?

Godmars2902906d ago

Do you like looking at crap?

AEtherbane2906d ago

I Guess curiosity is a crime, different game, different developer. Not that you would take notice.

LinuxGuru2906d ago

Sigh. Movie games are, consistently, nothing but cash-ins.

2906d ago
mittwaffen2906d ago

I bet people that ran out to buy it; opened it; popped it in..

Came back and read this and said " &*^*&^ Why do i always by movie games? "

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