PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller for $29.99

For a limited time,you can get the amazing Dualshock 3 Playstation 3 Controller for only $29.99 Brand New, From a price of $49.99.

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Yi-Long2812d ago

... that controller is a crazy ridiculous 60 euro a piece(!)

I'm glad I occasionally go to Hong Kong, where the price is a more normal 25 euro orso. SCEE are crazy.

DaTruth2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

It's not SCEE! It's your insane tariffs and tax system in Europe. They are trying to hurt the import market and protect their own products. Judging by your comment, it works!

Ocelot5252811d ago

uhm no

prices are higher than hong kong cuz
1. west-europe standard of living >>>>>>>&g t;>>> hong kong and most other countries(but this is changing :( , seriously everything is going to hell here now, no jobs )
2. currency
3. taxes in europe are high for all products (imported or not) to support social security

in belgium the tax-rate is 21% for all non-food products

D4RkNIKON2812d ago

$29.99! I just spent $49.99 on my white Dualshock a few weeks ago. I need another to make 4 just in time for Modnation Racers!


LOL! I purchased SEGA All-Stars racing so I could make up an excuse to get a 4th controller for my sisters.

chaosatom2812d ago

Is a dualshock worth it?

I mean if move is coming out, should I still get this?

Ahmay2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

my last one was red,.. which i used it to play God of War III...

party games ftw...

badz1492812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

but I found 1 store selling it for about $30 and I asked they store guy why; and he told me, that 1 is only for the fat PS3! hehehe...clearly he's uninformed that there's no such thing as fat controller or slim controller! I think I'll go and buy it since it's cheap! (hoping that no one tells them yet!) :P

Sayai jin2812d ago

Yeah the euro can be a pain. It's not SCEE. This is a great deal. I need to pick up two more.

You will find more and more deals with console remakes, games and accessories as long as these companies duke it out. How can anyone complain with lower prices.

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DaTruth2812d ago

"This is an amazing deal for an amazing controller,It retails everywhere for a usual 50 bucks but this is an steal.Coming from a DS3 User,It does not disappoint."

I was actually surprised at how much better the DS3 is than the Six Axis. It's not just rumble, everything about it is just higher quality and it doesn't do that spinning bug thing that F's you up in your games!

thebudgetgamer2812d ago

great deal for my personal favorite controller ever made.

D4RkNIKON2812d ago

It is a great one that is for sure. I used to play with Sixaxis because they were cheaper but when I got my Dualshock it changed everything. The weight of the controller and the feedback really made a world of difference.

jjesso19932812d ago

I remember when my woolworths where shutting down and they where sellimg old six axsis controllers for £5

duplissi2812d ago

woolworths!..... where do you live, cause i havent seen one of those stores in YEARS.

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The story is too old to be commented.