GameSpot: Tecmo Bowl Throwback Review

GameSpot writes: "Calling something a "throwback" isn't always considered a compliment. The word can have positive connotations when you're talking about sugar-based soft drinks or cool old 70s sports jerseys. But it can also be used to refer to, say, somebody who still tells the gals at Supercuts to style his do all business in the front and party in the back. Tecmo Bowl Throwback, however, is no mullet. This blast from the past available for 800 points on Xbox Live Arcade does a great job taking you back to the days when Tecmo Super Bowl was the football king in the early '90s. It isn't the deepest arcade football experience out there, with just a handful of modes and team playbooks that could be written up on bar napkins, but the straightforward gridiron action moves speedily along with just enough depth to keep things interesting for a while".

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