Playstation Move: Will it Be More Than High Definition Wii?

Sony made the announcement in 2009 that they were developing a new motion control system. Many were speculative about Sony’s motives and capability to compete with the Wii. When they revealed the full system at the Game Developer’s Conference this year, many of the secrets about this new innovation were revealed and some gamers are considering this system the next big thing in motion control video gaming technology. By fixing the things that Nintendo did wrong and adding some exciting developments of their own, Playstation Move might prove to be one of the coolest new ways to experience any type of video game and leave the nun chuck in its dust.

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sikbeta2939d ago

It's starting to show that is More than a Wii, [Minority-Report] stuff is Awesome and can only be done with PS-Move, the Games for the Device will cater every kind of Gamer and that's a Big Plus...