Activision to stick to "Guitar Hero" song price

Activision Inc. said on Thursday it had sold more than 300,000 downloadable song packs for its hit "Guitar Hero II" music game, giving it confidence it will not have to lower prices despite outrage at the cost among some game fans.

"It's been a tremendous success for us," said Dusty Welch, head of publishing for Red Octane, a "Guitar Hero" developer that was bought by Activision last year. "Demand seems to be insatiable."

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NTSC-J3877d ago

This is what happens when idiots pay for overpriced garbage. Thank you to those people. We should encourage more publishers to rip us off and then come out and say "We wont lower the outrageous price, Because we dont have to SUCKERS!". Just sad, It could be such a powerful tool to connect publishers and gamers, instead we get this. What a shame.

Syko3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Man, I couldn't agree more. Just listen to the way he says the fact that Activision had sold more than 300,000 song packs indicated that current prices were "very attractive and desirable for consumers."

This is really saying we would rather sell less at this crazy price than lower it and sell more to make the same. I don't understand the thinking of this. You can get gamers on your side praising your game or you can do this and have people going nuts over this crap. I love this game but this whole DLC thing put a bad taste in my mouth. I wont be buying Guitar Hero 3. Instead I will be getting Rockband. Harmonix has great PR in their forums and a good understanding of what the community wants when it comes to DLC. While Guitar Hero is going the way of Madden and releasing a game every year.

rubarb233877d ago

Activision is going to loose alot of gamers for this same reason. i love GH but this DLC crap is just that crap. I was going to pick GH 3 but they'll probably do the same crap with all their DLC.
Anyways Rock Band is going to kick GH 3's ass all over the place and i'm confident Harmonix and co. will price DLC just right and everyone will flee to Rock Band. seriously with Rock Band out, is there a need to get GH 3?

Boon Tarkas3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Hey Activision Execs, "Try leaving Planet Glueball, where you apparently all reside, and try getting to some place where there's a chance of oxygen actually getting to your brain!"

Oh by the way, "F()CK YOU!"

I'll be picking up Rockstar!