5 Things Shenmue III Should Have

SEGAbits: "If there is one thing Shenmue fans can’t get enough of, it’s ‘Shenmue III’ speculation. Fans have put everything from obscure items found in the Hazuki basement to AM2 concept art under a microscope in hopes of finding clues towards what we could expect from a ‘Shenmue III’. Unfortunately, that speculation went from fun in 2002 to nearly hopeless in 2005 to hopeless in 2009. Despite a sequel being nowhere in sight, the past year has provided a few glimmers of hope"

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Yi-Long2851d ago

... but the most important to me is that it's:

1: Uncut! (none of that Yakuza 3 'oh we left that out cause we felt western people might not 'get it' ' BS)

2: The original language! Yeah I know some hillbillies go absolutely mental when they see subtitles, but most people, especially the people interested in Shenmue and thus japanese/asian culture and games and all that, would prefer to at least have the option of the original voices!

The english dub for Shenmue 1 and 2 was horrible. I didn't even buy Shenmue 2 (xbox version) because it was dub-only.

3: I want cool mini-games again, and collectibles, and cool photography-missions, and arcade-cabinets with old great quality classics (Daytona? Afterburner 2? Virtua Fighter 3?, etc etc)

4: I want the original music, and not some 'western version' by some 17 year old american chick.

Ah well... knowing Sega, they will do everything in their power once again to make all the worst decisions and screw it all up again. They make great games, but they're dumb as hell about giving their western gamers what they want.

Rikitatsu2851d ago

But I personally think it was awesome, it add to the charm of the game, just like how the Voice acting in Resident Evil 1 added to the atmosphere.