GamesRadar: Lost Planet 2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "Lost Planet 2 is like a cute, eager-to-please puppy with horrible breath. It’s giddy, silly, enthusiastic, and really really wants you to be happy, but alas, it comes with an inherent flaw which makes the good times a bit of a slog to get to. But we’ll come to that soon enough. First up, the basics".

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-Mezzo-2964d ago

Damn, looks like it's just.........Mediocre

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M-Easy2964d ago

This game has been getting no love, even though 7 is a good score its not good enough to buy in this game filled May.

RememberThe3572964d ago

Seems like I'm not going to be able to get into this one either.

LordMarius2964d ago

wow look at the hypocrisy. Alan Wake gets a 7/10 but its still called awesome-sauce, but this gets a 7/10 and now its mediocre, mhmmmm....

Christopher2964d ago

Fanboys thrive on hypocrisy, Marius. This game isn't for me, could tell that with all the videos they made, but looks good enough for a $40 purchase at some point if I have the time.

Arnon2964d ago

Probably because Alan Wake has been justified by the extreme amount of 9's and 8's, even the 10's.

I love LP, but anyone would have to agree this isn't scoring well really... anywhere.

Convas2963d ago

Alan Wake stands head and shoulders above Lost Planet 2. Oh and Alan Wake got 2 7s. Lost Planet got 60s and 70s.

Your not trying hard enough buddy. :D

yoshiroaka2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well the first one was fun but didnt get spectacular scores either.. the game may yet still be good.

On another note has anyone else found that the game has changed to be very similar to a monster hunter feel or system?

- Ghost of Sparta -2964d ago

...Was releasing a MP demo for this. The first demo wasn't completely horrible but the following pretty much convinced mostly everyone who was looking forward to buying this to rather avoid it like AIDS.

Atrocious control scheme, unstable frame rate, and screen tearing out the wazoo.

Buy Monster Hunter Tri and a Wii instead.

Daver2964d ago

For those living in Canada, the game is 40$ at Walmart for 1 day only i think

badz1492964d ago

Eurogamer gave it 6 and now GR giving 7! where does it go wrong?

sikbeta2964d ago

I didn't played the Demo, but being Honest the First One wasn't THAT Great either [in My Opinion]


"It’s the third-person shooter in its purest form. No lock-to-cover system, no stealth kills, no moral choices. Just big guns, big explosions and enemies so big that they’re not far off having their own gravitational pull"

That sounds Awesome, WTH with this Reviewer... lol

bootsielon2964d ago

Hallmark Moment AKA Why Dis AKA i did not murder him AKA power of green said this would be the best game ever and that it would push the 360 to its limits, leaving the PS3 in the dust. I wonder where he is now...

badz1492964d ago

LP2 is a multiplat, right?

MNicholas2964d ago

Then again, reviewers are notoriously stupid.

I was really looking forward to renting this game. The visual style is unique and clever.

ThanatosDMC2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I hope they fixed the problem with the co-op demo in which each player doesnt actually shoot the same enemy on screen. The weaker monsters dont appear where you see them compared to where your teammates see them.

It might be an engine flaw since games like Monster Hunter always had the problem. I hope they fixed this problem on the retail version cuz getting thrown around by an invisible enemy, though there's no damage, could still become fatal not to mention extremely annoying.

I'll probably get this game after the price goes down and after Red Dead Redemption.

vhero2963d ago

The demo was pretty terrible I expected this to be honest I mean they tried to get people to play the demo by offering free stuff.. Desperate attempts me thinks..

Syronicus2963d ago

Did you play the first one? This one was destined to be mediocre. The first Lost Planet was equally mediocre at best.

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Mo0eY2964d ago

Lost Planet 2 - another letdown by Capcom.

Demons Souls2964d ago

Even IGN gave it a 6/10. I expected this score though. Crapcom hasn't made a game above mediocrity this gen and I don't expect them to start anytime soon.

Christopher2964d ago

It's easy to just call them Crapcom, but they have scored well with Dead Rising, DMC4, RE5, SF4, and SSF4 this generation. Your personal opinion aside, I'm not sure how one could look down on them in comparison to many of the worse titles from EA and Activision.

sikbeta2964d ago

I'm not hating Capcom, but Damn, WTH are they doing with the Games...

They ##cked up One of My Favorite Franchises, RE5 is CRAP, DMC4, IMO DMC is the Best, so I can't give a Fair Opinion when I know that all the Sequels are CRAP compared to the First One, SF4 is kind of Good, but not Great, Lost Planet wasn't that Good IMO, I don't Know, I just Only Hope that Capcom don't Screw-Up MvsC3

sparta762964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

U the first one to have one bubble since the new site come back on. U must of pissed off a lot of poeple!!

On topic; I'm getting it, I enjoyed the demo. It was fun...

Edit; my bad I meant to reply to mooey

Minimox162964d ago

they need to get back to they roots! Japan style! they are too focus to get appeal to Western audience and not trying to create the games that made them big! bring some Breath of fire! Megaman legends 3, its a good start with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 but still need to more games from the past.

Elvfam5112963d ago

Love the Co-OP so im getting this later on this year.

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frankymv2964d ago

What happened to Capcom this gen?

Darkfocus2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

SF was alright at least there's that but even then they charged for content that was already on the disc

TOO PAWNED2964d ago

dont worry guys, Sony will during E3 announce that they have acquired Capcom and once Sony takes over, you can expect their IPs to be great again.

Darkfocus2964d ago

are you just joking or is there actually some info to back this up? I guess it would be kinda cool because we might see a next gen monster hunter. personally I really hope the breath of fire series makes a comeback.

BlackTar1872964d ago

i think thye kinda fell off.

but sf4 and ssf4 are some of my favorite games. Did they make dead rising? I liked that game alot as well