Confirmed: Infinity Ward's Next Game Will Be Call Of Duty

New insight as to Infinity Ward's next game was released in Activision's conference call this afternoon.

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Echo3072967d ago

I actually was thinking that Activision saw this whole mess coming, and that's why they brought in a third developer to make CoD games... so with Infinity Ward not going anywhere, that means we're actually going to see 3 games cycling?

Well, at least Activision isn't trying to water down the franchise. /s

SixZeroFour2967d ago

was there really ever any doubt? the real question is will it be anywhere near as "good" (im using that term as loosely as possible) as mw2 seeing as how atleast25 ppl left, and they werent just no name ppl

another question is, will ppl blindly buy this game not knowing what has happened between IW and activision, and how that might effect the next IW installation of CoD

off topic, the upcoming treyarch CoD games teaser trailer was interesting...looked like a mix between bfbc and mw even possible destructible environments, but there wasnt any gameplay footage, so i wont hold my breath

Excalibur2967d ago

they would make another Call Of Duty game but I do have my doubts it will be another Modern Warfare title.

I have a feeling that with ( at this point) 39 original I.W. staff gone and the way Activision wants to exploit the franchise that the game after black ops will be a Call Of Doodie game ;)

Theonik2967d ago

What's left of IW... From its 70 employees it lost 35, very important members mind you. At this point Activision will be trying to ilk the CoD and IW names to the death.