Assassin's Creed Hands-on Preview (Xbox 360)

TeamXbox reports:
"Before we headed off to E3 2007 in sunny Santa Monica, I made a brief mental list of the games that I most wanted to see. As you might expect, Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed occupied a slot near the top of that list, as the only thing I really knew about the game was the fact that it features amazing visuals and a tantalizing mix of Prince of Persia-style platforming, stealth, and hand-to-hand (or, rather, blade-to-blade) combat. Naturally, I knew that I had to make Ubisoft's suite one of my first appointments, especially after I found out that the game would be fully playable. I had a chance to play the same demo that was shown during Microsoft's press conference on Tuesday night, and I was just as impressed as I'd hoped I'd be. "

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Bloodmask3904d ago

I think people have been being to hard on this game.

I t has great graphics and a very unique story line. Personally I can't wait.

MK_Red3904d ago

Agreed. So an E3 demo was bad, it doesnt mean the final product will be the same. Heck the final game may be way better and beyond E3 demo (Halo 1 on E3 years ago and the final game).

Has everyone forgotten about the team behind this game? This is Ubisoft Montreal, the team behind original Splinter Cell and POP. Cant wait and hope they finish the game in time.

It was a rather risky move to show that buggy demo to public though...

xg-ei8ht3904d ago

It looks sweet, i thought the fight mechanics could be alot better and i'm sure they'll improve that aspect.

Graphics wise, its looking very good.

I heard M$ had them rush the demo for e3. Shame, as it can do more harm then good.

Take your time ubi with the ps3 version.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3904d ago

See guys this is what I think about the ps3 and xbox 360, the xbox 360 is like a hooker you use it and when it is usless you just throw it away and the ps3 is like a wife ment to be with you forever! XD

Daz3904d ago

lol funny comment but i got to disagree with 360 like a hooker XD.

boi3904d ago

yea with the price ur paying its more then a wife hehe

and the 360 is more like an wife if ur bad to it it leaves u lol

Daz3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Dies on you lol
Both are great, can we have 2 wifes XD

Back to topic i think this game be good hopefully thay relese a demo on xbox Live so i can play it and find out.

MK_Red3904d ago

Personally I loved the demo and with Jade's commentary, it was like watching a heavenly game with voice of an angel.

SuperSaiyan43904d ago

The NPC's seem to get in your way ON PURPOSE, they looked a bit poor visually, the combat was terrible - how is it realistic that they came at you one at a time and they didn't really even try to hurt you! They just came at you and that's it!

I had high hopes for this game but then I realised its just another Ubisoft game trying for a quick cash in without sitting down with the game and doing anything new.

Hmph lead person has a computer science degree and that's what we end up with, a floating guy and constant giggles.

The only game I would want to play would be with Jade and thats got tons of replay value just for the giggles...