Call of Duty has delivered 17M map packs, but continued success 'only' through retail, Kotick says

Joystiq writes: "Speaking during an investor call tonight, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reflected on the publisher's multi-pronged strategy behind the continuing success of the Call of Duty franchise. A key -- but still growing -- element has been digital content distribution, which has yielded some "staggering" results".

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Pedobear Rocks2818d ago

Kaboom! and River Raid the other day and thinking how much I loved Activision once.


falcon07elensar2818d ago

So much money that could of been used to buy better games like Demon's Souls :/

Lucreto2818d ago

So true we all know this money is going to fund their lawsuit against them.

Hotel_Moscow2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

continued success with all the sales from modern warfare 2 you could of at least gave us free map packs

all i know is this will be the last cod i buy

Pedobear Rocks2818d ago

game use giving them an extra sale. And no, I don't buy the map packs.


PirateThom2818d ago

What the hell is wrong with people?

El_Colombiano2818d ago

$255,000,000...I have lost faith in the gaming community.

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