Videogamer: Fallout: New Vegas Interview

Videogamer writes: "For Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone, Fallout is an old mistress. When he was at Interplay, he worked on cult hit Fallout 2 and was lead designer on Van Buren – the Fallout 3 game that never was. Now, Chris has come full circle. As lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas, due out this autumn, he's once again been sucked into Fallout's retro futuristic post-apocalyptic world. So, how's he handling it? And how is he improving on what many consider to be the greatest game of this generation? At Bethesda's recent Gamers Day event in France, we found out".

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zeeshan2965d ago

I know I am going to get this game but, it looks EXACTLY like FALLOUT 3. I mean, yes, I loved Fallout 3 but it's 2010 for God's sake. Things should have improved and they should have at least changed texture of some of the most basic stuff like the ground/soil/road/people, they all look too damn similar to F3.

No matter what, I am still gona get this game :) I hope there is even MORE to do than Fallout 3 :)